• Creating an account with Rentah is free.
  • A 5% fee will be charged on each successful transaction by Rentah.
  • A 3% fee will be charged on each successful transaction by Stripe, credit card company (This charge is unavoidable).
  • We don’t make a nickel until you make a dollar.


  • Payments are made through the simple and secure Stripe platform.
  • Set up your Stripe account in the dashboard after creating your profile.
  • Receive payments directly into your bank account.
  • Make payments using any major credit card.


  • We offer a deposit system in case of damage, or failure of return or cancelled service.
  • Deposits are held by Stripe and returned to the renter upon completion of the transaction.
  • In the case of fault on part of the renter, the deposit will be transferred to the provider’s account.

Free to join and with no charge to any providers, we seek to provide the most affordable way to tap into the resources of your community and city. Rentah makes 5% on the total transaction that will be paid by the customer. We do this to help us pay our bills. We decided to charge the "renters" rather than the "providers" because we wanted to be friendlier to small businesses and the hustlers providing all the products on the site. If providers lower their prices for the Rentah community by 5% or even 10% that would be cool by us! We also do this to spread the wealth. We also have a very generous referral program.

Rental & Payment Process


A request is placed on a good or service by choosing an appropriate time frame and providing credit card information.


If the request is accepted the deposit and payments will be held by Stripe.


The renter is provided with the good or service requested either through a meeting or delivery.


Upon successful completion of the transaction, the deposit, if any, will be returned to the renter.

For more information on the ins and outs of our payment system feel free to contact us at

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