You can rent out pretty much anything to your liking, your bike, car, room, your services, you name it.

Rentah is an open platform that connects the customer to the renter. We don’t have any actual dealing with the exact exchange. We do have implemented features such as Google, and Facebook verification to show that whoever you may be dealing with is an actual and real user. All transactions are through Stripe, a trusted and a verified payment provider for many top companies.

This is dependent on the agreement between the Renter and Rentee. We ask that our users are respectful of each other's time and property.

5% from the renter and 3% for the credit card processing. A total of 8% is added to the bill. ( We are working on lowering the 3% fee as we grow.

You pay via our online system. You can input your credit card and bank account information from our dashboard. We don’t want you to be having to carry cash with you while making transactions.

Rentah is an open platform, so all pricing is completely handled and operated by the Provider. Each Provider will determine if their prices are negotiable.

Being that Rentah is an open platform, we believe in the honor system. It is wise to be as informative and direct as possible when dealing with a Provider or Renter. Always make sure to be clear and respectful of each other’s time to avoid such issues. If a major issue arises, we have a dispute hotline where we can try to accommodate and come to agreements on any dispute. (Hotline: 718-966-3131)

All services work as projects. Projects give providers the flexibility to determine price based on the scope of the project. The renter has the option to accept or decline. All these actions happen in the privacy of your own chat boxes.

Don't worry. We're here to help! Just login to contact our support team.