Who We Are

We are a local marketplace for you to rent out or request anything you may have, need, or want at a price of your choosing.

Rent-a-dog walker
Rent-a-yoga studio or a halloween costume, guitar teacher, bouncy castle, prom dress, DJ, ice cream maker, Spanish tutor, steam vac, 3D printer, tuxedo, power drill...

We envision a world where you can get most of what you need locally rather than some far off corporation. We want to connect our neighborhoods and its goods, services and spaces.

How It Works

Transaction Flow

1. Renter searches for a good, service, or space
2. Renter sends the Provider a message with interest
3. Provider will send over a proposal and await Renters final confirmation



We are Free for all Providers. Create a listing and you will earn exactly what you ask for.

Rentah makes 5% on a transaction that will be paid by the renter.

We charge the Renters rather than the Providers because we want to be extra friendly to the freelancers and small businesses providing the products, labor, and services listed on the site.

Who Can Use Rentah


are anyone that offers a good, service or space on Rentah including freelancers, businesses or your next door neighbor.


are the people that are looking for those local goods, services, and spaces.


You can be both! Rent yourself out as a photographer. Rent out from a local freelancer to get the perfect shot.

Our Mission

According to the United Nations, the global population is expected to reach 9.2 billion by 2050, with more people living in cities with higher levels of both affluence and poverty. As cities grow and become denser, greater access to a wider array of shared resources and assets will become necessary with limited resources and space. There is also the additional problem of A.I., machine learning, and 3-d printing taking over many jobs. This will create the need to utilize our untapped skills and resources to avoid financial hardship.

Ours is an ecological, social, and economic mission. The less we buy and the more we rent and share - the less we have to take from the Earth. We believe renting and reselling is like incentivized recycling and we hope it will connect us and help keep our resources and money local and neighborhoods vibrant.

If you break down the word “company” to its root, you get “com,” meaning “with”, and “pan” (panis), which means bread. To have company is to break bread together. That is why the term “company” is used to describe businesses, army regiments, and the folks that you spend time with. It is about sharing and spending time together. It is this simplicity that guides the ethical standard we try to live by. So, if you happen to be a great baker, why not get started on Rentah, teach some baking classes, and share and spread some of that bread with your neighbors!

For Renters Review

“....... car buyers haven’t worried about the excess capacity they were purchasing, as long as the lifetime value of the vehicle was greater for them than its lifetime cost. But the reality is that all that time the private automobile sits idle, economic value is going unrealized. And cars are by no means alone in their lumpiness. Houses, apartments, offices, bikes, computers, clothes, books, toys — all represent goods that individuals buy for their own use, but which bring with them a good deal of excess capacity. And don’t forget physical and intellectual labor: A handyman’s ability to fix things goes unused much of the time, as does an engineer’s ability to design solutions to specific problems.”

- Oscar Salazar, Former CTO of Uber


What can I rent out?

You can rent out pretty much anything to your liking, your bike, car, room, your services, you name it.

How will I be protected?

Rentah is an open platform that connects the customer to the renter. We don’t have any actual dealing with the exact exchange. We do have implemented features such as Google, and Facebook verification to show that whoever you may be dealing with is an actual and real user. All transactions are through Stripe, a trusted and a verified payment provider for many top companies.

What are the total fees associated with using Rentah?

5% from the Renter and 3% for the credit card processing. A total of 8% is added to the bill. We are working on lowering the 3% fee as we grow.

Are prices negotiable?

Rentah is an open platform, so all pricing is completely handled and operated by the Provider. Each Provider will determine if their prices are negotiable.

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Contact Us

We are a young company. If you think you can help us, or have ideas in regards to how we can improve, or need help signing up feel free to reach out to us at https://www.rentah.com/info/contactus